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16-FEB: pic of the day..

February 16, 2011


PCOR continues to defy gravity

December 30, 2010

today is the last day of trading for 2010. there seems to be no stopping my beloved PCOR. soaring and closing to an all time high of P18.82. times like these i regret not putting all my money on PCOR, but what the heck. could have gone either way right?

LND is incredible, i hope that it continues it’s uptrend. big daddy SMC lost steam today and closed at -0.96% from which i got him. all in all the PSEi is up 37.6% year on year, market closes 2010 @ 4201 vs 2009 closing @ 3052.

year 2010 seems to be kind to me in terms of trading in stock, i guess beginners luck. lolz.. and with that, bottoms up to the stock that started it all for me. cheers for 2011!!!