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Crystal Ball stock of the Day: 26-APR-2011 – PHOENIX PETROLEUM PHILIPPINES or PNX

April 26, 2011

This a new segment in my blog called “Crystal Ball stock of the Day” where I get to play Nostradamus  and predict the future of a stock. We are currently in a Bull Market, so most likely, the stock that you’ll buy today will eventually go up tomorrow. The trick is to ride the fastest horse.

According to my crystal ball, Phoenix Petroleum Philippines or PNX as listed in the Philippine stock market is just ripe and is ready to ride the highway to profit$$$.  They recently announced their first quarter income which is in a record high at a staggering  122% revenue growth based from the first quarter of last year.  Phoenix Petroleum posted 122% growth in revenues to P6.1 billion from January to March from the P2.75 billion recorded in the same period last year. “The growth comes from the expansion of the retail network and increase in sales from retail and commercial accounts,” the company said.

On the technical said: MACD is on -0.313 and RSI is at 46.97. Although DMI is not that good, I would still say that this is a good buy at it’s current price of P12.76 which is it’s closing price today.

Since this is the first edition of “Crystal Ball stock of the Day”.

A BIG  CAVEAT to YOU.. peace..