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19-JAN-2011 — Further stock market correction

January 19, 2011

just when everybody thought that high-flying stocks will just continue to go higher and higher, the market gives a reality check and causes a bearish reversal/correction. If you are weak, then the stock market is not for you.

My beloved PCOR ended today @ P14.80. if I am not mistaken this is the lowest it has been for PCOR in a month. I…. had to do it, I had to cut loss. Sold some @ P14.90. I wanted to get in on some CYBR, but no opening. good thing BEL didn’t follow the market trend today.

Bad morning, eBay account got suspended and they continue to ignore all my chat/emails. Bad customer service at it’s finest..

had to eat ministop chicken and ice cream to feel better…..


04-jan-2011.. carnage and bloodshed..

January 4, 2011

today is my 2nd day in trying out swing trading and just like in life. trading in stock is much like opening a box of chocolates, you dont know what you will get. you play with fire you get burned. GRABE profit taking today! Hayup! Animal! (okay im over reacting)

The key Philippine Stock Exchange index traded in tight range, inching up 3.52 points or 0.08% to 4,218.73.
But the broader all-share index fell 16.08 points or 0.5% to 3,028.46. Among subindices, only the holding firm sector ended in positive territory. Losers beat gainers, 79 to 67, while 31 issues were unchanged.

Kudos to all who survive. as for myself, i got burned (bot CYBR @.82, it closed @.75). Hoping tomorrow to recover (as always). could have sold it @ .87, but didn’t. preservation of capital and protection of profit.. Accept defeat, run, and live to fight another day.. nyahahaha!!

first trading day for 2011

January 3, 2011

03-jan-2011, the first trading day for 2011. my first day trying out swing trading (see below). Went fairly smooth, the philosophy here is “kahit konti, basta palagi”. Sold SMC that I bought last week @P173, after I think 5-6 minutes.. SMC surges to P180 then closed at P185. idol ko na si Ramon Ang (RSA). What Ramon Ang wants, Ramon Ang gets! I wonder what he wants from CYBR. Mabuhay si RSA!!! in the past, i have been lucky with RSA stocks, today i bought CYBR. i hope my luck continues.

ADVISORY: we have a storm brewing. the storms name is AP (ABOITIZ POWER CORPORATION). closed today at P31.45. keep an eye on this one.. i repeat, keep an eye.

as i was typing this, “ABSCBNNewsBiz” tweeted Petron buys 35% of port developer oh boy, i hope this is good news as i bought additional PCOR today.

** swing trading – buy low, sell even with just a little profit. wash, rinse, repeat….

PCOR continues to defy gravity

December 30, 2010

today is the last day of trading for 2010. there seems to be no stopping my beloved PCOR. soaring and closing to an all time high of P18.82. times like these i regret not putting all my money on PCOR, but what the heck. could have gone either way right?

LND is incredible, i hope that it continues it’s uptrend. big daddy SMC lost steam today and closed at -0.96% from which i got him. all in all the PSEi is up 37.6% year on year, market closes 2010 @ 4201 vs 2009 closing @ 3052.

year 2010 seems to be kind to me in terms of trading in stock, i guess beginners luck. lolz.. and with that, bottoms up to the stock that started it all for me. cheers for 2011!!!


December 29, 2010

just one more trading day before the year ends.. today, i changed 2/3 of my stock portfolio. out goes SMPH, in goes SMC. out goes ATS, in goes LND.  i almost(almost) placed all my money in PCOR, but i really dont want to put all my eggs in just one basket.

i got LND at 1.36 and SMC at 165.38. i guess it is ok to gamble since i won when i purchased SMB back in nov and now up 50% with PCOR (pasko, christmas ol right!). let us see what the future holds for my new 2 stocks.

i will be now posting daily updates on how the philippine market perform on a daily basis (if I can). aaaaaand give hints on what stock “may’ do good based from a fundamental analyst standpoint (naks! feeling).  while waiting for 2011, this is my song…………..