Crystal Ball stock of the week: 04-MAY-2011 – CYBR – Cyber Bay Corporation

May 4, 2011

Welcome to another edition of Crystal Ball stock of the week for 04-MAY-2011. I guess last weeks edition was a success. PNX soared to a high of P15.20 from P12  since I posted it, although it met with profit taking today.
This weeks stock of the week is CYBR. With the release of big daddy SMC from it’s trading halt. Will CYBR follow?? From the technical side, CYBR is poised to make profit$$$$ breaking P1.16 resistance today. MACD at .0064 while RSI is at 55.76, DMI looking gooood. Fairly good volume, closed at P1.13 today Just ready for take off.

Lets see what happens tomorrow. Again, caveat..



January 12, 2011

i just realized today that today is my 61st day in this cruel, cold environment (stock market). i went back to my buy and hold strategy today. sold BEL at a loss @ P5.21 (bot it @ P5.41) to get CYBR. My running ave in CYBR today is P1.30. after i sold my BEL for P5.21, it soared to P5.45 and closed. seriously!? seriously!? stocks gods must really hate me! Why oh why!?
My fearless forecast stock for this year AP is screaming BUY!!! @ P26.20.

Portfolio for 12-jan is composed of 3/4 PCOR, 1/4 CYBR. ..PCOR is on a bearish run as of late. I am looking what stock to replace my beloved PCOR.

04-jan-2011.. carnage and bloodshed..

January 4, 2011

today is my 2nd day in trying out swing trading and just like in life. trading in stock is much like opening a box of chocolates, you dont know what you will get. you play with fire you get burned. GRABE profit taking today! Hayup! Animal! (okay im over reacting)

The key Philippine Stock Exchange index traded in tight range, inching up 3.52 points or 0.08% to 4,218.73.
But the broader all-share index fell 16.08 points or 0.5% to 3,028.46. Among subindices, only the holding firm sector ended in positive territory. Losers beat gainers, 79 to 67, while 31 issues were unchanged.

Kudos to all who survive. as for myself, i got burned (bot CYBR @.82, it closed @.75). Hoping tomorrow to recover (as always). could have sold it @ .87, but didn’t. preservation of capital and protection of profit.. Accept defeat, run, and live to fight another day.. nyahahaha!!