04-MAR: pic of the day

March 4, 2011

You lookin at me?


25-FEB: First take..

February 25, 2011

Today is day 1 of my attempt to swim in the waters of technical analysis in the stock market. Aaaaaand, it was a bit of a disappointment. I cut loss (!!!) on MER last week, because his charts are on the bearish side of the market. Today, MER gained 7.50% to close at P238. Is he headed back to P250? Or stay bearish?

Today I sold all my position on CYBR because his charts are headin no where in the near future. Good thing it was sort of a break even for me. My first stock to purchase with an idea on technical analysis is MA (MANILA MINING CORPORATION `A`). MA ended in red today (yikes). This means that I have my WHOLE lifetime to learn this science of technical analysis. They say that Rome was not built in a day. I do hope that all these bumps are bruises pays off.

Closed at .033, my average position here is .034

I really wish that all global crisis could end. We have a global crisis in the middle east where it could disrupt the supply side of Oil. Let’s hope for the best but, somehow, I don’t think this crisis will go away that easily. They are like ticking time bombs, which could blow anytime and could disrupt the financial markets from time to time. Of course, once this crisis ends, you can be sure that the stock market will come running back up.



19-FEB: pic of the day

February 18, 2011


18-FEB: pic of the day..

February 18, 2011

2 nikon..

17-FEB: pic of the day..

February 17, 2011


16-FEB: pic of the day..

February 16, 2011

Let us pray – by Ms. Lea Salonga

February 8, 2011

i would just like to share this article to you my friend. Re-blog or re-post if you may. A really great read, written by one of our National Treasure’s Ms. Lea Salonga.   Read, absorb and incorporate.


Let Us Pray… by Lea Salonga
Friday, February 4, 2011, 11:10
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You know what, I’m tired of hearing that phrase whenever a tragedy strikes our country. I’m also tired of seeing it on my newsfeed whenever I open Twitter.

The phrase seems to give us permission to pass the buck on to God, the Almighty and Powerful, Omnipotent God, to take the responsibility away from us and fix everything while we sit back and watch.

Well, to all of you still on your knees in deep contemplation, I have news for you: GOD ISN’T GOING TO COME DOWN AND FIX THINGS FOR YOU.

My mother always had this mantra: God helps those who help themselves. She used it whenever she wanted me to get off my ass and do something. Yeah, you have to admire a woman who continues to survive in this world by virtue of her smarts and disdain for sloth. She’s always up and about, active and quick. Although she does say that the end of her life will be coming sooner rather than later (she’s in her 70s, but man, she doesn’t look it), the way she acts is much more proactive and less fatalistic.

Less fatalistic. Shouldn’t that be the way we start to look at things? More “get up and go” and less “bahala na”?

After reading about the bombed bus on Buendia, the numerous carjackings (two of which lead to 3 charred bodies), and the numerous deaths at the Eton Tower construction site in Makati, I had reached my threshold. One twitter denizen replied to one of my latest tweets with something like, “let us pray… pray…” I couldn’t resist the urge, so I tweeted back with, “Forget prayers, I want action.”

Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m as prayerful as anyone. I have received direct answers to my life questions by sitting in a church during a time of personal and professional crisis. My faith in God is strong, and has gotten me through some harrowing times. That said, I also know that God isn’t going to sing my songs for me, memorize lines and blocking on my behalf. Sure, I’ll acknowledge the gift and talents with which I was blessed, but still. I have to power the vessel that is my body in order to use the gifts wisely.

In short, I have to get off my ass and do stuff.

God’s gifts to each of us includes: a brain with which to independently think, criticize, plan (yeah, like make a blueprint), plan again (if plan A doesn’t work), and dream. We weren’t created to behave like lemmings, following the crowd jumping off a cliff. We weren’t created to passively sit and watch the world go by.

God helps those who help themselves. So get off your ass already.


They are remaking Thundercats!!

January 27, 2011

WaW! This is one of my favorite cartoons back in the days. I even had a Lion-O action figure who’s eye’s lights up. Deym! Those were the days. I’d spend hours just playing. I hope this remake will also be as awesome as the original.

The new “ThunderCats” is expected to debut later this year.

Links of this news are here and here:

26-JAN: Crisis breeds Opportunity

January 26, 2011

Yesterday (25-JAN), a bus was bombed in EDSA. Five passengers were killed and 13 others were injured when the bus exploded on the northbound lane of Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA), corner Buendia avenue, on Tuesday afternoon. I was kinda excited (bad..) on how this will affect the local stock market. Because in my 2 months in trading in the market, I haven’t experienced a national disaster yet(?). Good thing the bus explosion didn’t matter much as Ive noticed. PSEi closes @ 3931 dn 28pts.

News about Meralco, i do not know how this will affect the price of MER. Lopezes may sell remaining stake in Meralco LINK

I have a microscopic share in MER. Kinda funny how it is behaving, being tag as a blue chip stock. Adrenaline Rush! haha!

25-JAN: Bulls on Parade

January 25, 2011

Local shares end 5-day decline on bargain hunting. PSEi snaps out of its 5-session, 5.9% losing streak; closes @ 3960 up 57pts.

It’s nice to see 3 of my current stocks (PCOR, BEL, CYBR) are all in the top 10 gainers for today. Hoping that this trend will continue.  Kinda funny how MER behaved today, bear, bull, bear, bull, bear, bear, bull.  Are we headin up again the 4200 resistance?

PCOR – P14.78 up 16.38%
CYBR – P1.18 up 12.38%
BEL – P6.18 up 10.36%

Let the Bulls parade…