Buy and Sell list.. Updated 27-DEC..


PLEASE read first to avoid unnecessary question.

~Meet-ups: Weekdays Glorietta or Eton after office hours. Weekends during NG tournament, depending on schedule.
~Mobile: 0916-980-4946 or 0999-868-9017

~No reply means I am not interested
~Cards are really cheap, Please do not haggle. Last price na
~I do not reserve cards to people I dont know. Reservation is same day pick up.

~ I can ship anywhere in the Phils. Additional P80 for shipping, Air21 or JRS Express.

~You know you can trust someone if he/she has 99.8% (or above) rating on eBay =)

Type 1 or pang  E–D–H or Modern

Meet ups..  Eton Ortigas or Glorietta After ofc hours

0916-980-4946 or 0999-868-9017



1x Glittering Wish – P100ea
4x Lightning Helix MM – P200ea
1x Grand Arbiter Augustin – P300ea
1x Sculpting Steel – P200ea
1x Academy Ruins MM – P300ea
1x Steel Hellkite – P100ea
1x 4th Edition – Strip Mine – 150ea
1x Fires of Yavimaya – 50ea
1x Revised – Basalt Monolith – 200ea
1x Revised – Nevinyrral’s Disk – 250ea
1x Temple of the false god – P50ea
1x Lightning Greaves – P200ea
1x Phyrexian Revoker – P100ea
1x Shizo, Death’s Storehouse – P200ea
1x Maelstrom Pulse MM – P400ea
1x Ancient Ziggurat Sliver FOIL – P100ea
1x Unlimited – played Sol Ring – P900ea
1x Platinum Emperion – P200ea
1x Eye of Ugin – P300ea
1x Mikokoro – P300ea
1x Serra’s Sanctum – P1500ea

3x Geist of Saint Traft – P800ea
1x Foil Thran Dynamo – P400ea
1x Isochron Scepter – P200ea
4x Hinterland Harbor – 150ea
4x Sunpetal Grove – P100ea
4x Rootbound Crag – P100ea
1x Drowned Catacombs – P100ea
4x Glacial Fortress – P400 set
3x Graftdigger’s Cage – 100ea
1x Sorin LOI – P250ea
1x FOIL FTV Trinisphere – P300ea
1x Emerald Medallion – P200ea
1x Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth – P700ea
1x Aether Vial – P500ea
1x Karplusan Forest IA – P100ea
1x Underground River IA – P150ea
1x Brushland IA – P100ea
1x Adarkar Waste IA – P150ea
1x Glimmervoid MM – P300ea
1x Sword of Light and Shadow – P900ea
1x City of Brass MM – P250ea
1x Seachrome Coast – P150ea
1x Streling Groove – P200ea
1x Llanowar Waste – P150ea
1x Sarkhan Vol – P300ea
1x Skullclamp – P150ea
1x Engineered Explosives – P200ea
1x Sen Triplets – P500ea
1x Jhoira of the Ghitu – P150ea
1x Shivan Reef – P200ea
1x Arcbound Ravager – P600ea
1x FOIL FNM Tectonic Edge – P150ea
1x Cephalid Coliseum – P50ea
1x Baleful Stix – P500ea
1x Ashnod’s Altar – P100ea
4x Trygon Predator – P30ea
1x Coalition Relic – P250ea
1x Eldrazi Momument – P200ea
1x Vadalken Shackles – P400ea
1x Command Tower – P250ea
1x Relic of Progenitus – P50ea
1x Caves of Koilos – P150ea
1x Copperline Gorge – P150ea
1x Knight of the Reliquary – P300ea
1x Graven Cairns – P200ea
1x Mimic Vat – P150ea
1x Altar of Dementia – P300ea
1x Font of Mythos – P150ea



1x Blood Moon MM – P350
1x Boom / Bust – P150ea
1x Ice Age – Jokulhaups – P150ea
1x Goblin Assault – P100ea
1x Avalanche Riders – P100ea
4x Grim Lavamancer – P150ea
4x Goblin Chieftain – P100ea
1x Decree of Annihilation – P100ea
1x Obliterate – P150ea

1x Propaganda – P150ea
1x Spell Snare – P150ea
1x Vendillion Clique – P1500ea
1x Upheaval – P200ea
1x Glen elendra – P300ea
1x Gifts Ungiven – P300ea
1x Omniscience – P300ea
1x FOIL Hinder – P500ea
1x Acquire – P100ea
1x Kira, Great Glass-Spinner – P400ea
1x Keiga, the Tide Star – P200ea
1x Invasion fact or fiction – P100ea
1x Capsize – P50ea
1x Delay – P50ea
4x FOIL Master of Etherium – P1200 set
1x Temporal Mastery – P200ea
1x Merchant Scroll 8th ED – P50ea
1x Leyline of ANticipation – P100ea
1x Zur’s Weirding – P100ea
4x Ponder – P100set
1x Spell Snare – P150ea
1x Erayo – P400ea
1x Desertion vision – P250ea
1x Spell Crumple – P100ea



1x Sun Titan – P200ea
1x Decree of Justice – P150ea
1x foil fnm ghostly prison – P200ea
1x Hero Of Bladehold – P250ea
1x Mirror Entity – P300ea
4x Mirrodin – Raise the Alarm – P100set
1x Revised – Wrath of God – P350ea
1x Catastrophe – P250ea
1x Austere Command – P150
4x proclamation of rebirth – P1000set
1x Yosei – P350ea
1x Gideon Jura – P200ea
1x Ranger of Eos – P300ea
4x Terminus – P200ea
1x Restoration Angel – P300ea
2x Entreat the Angels – P300ea
1x Serra Ascendant – P450ea
1x Martial Coup – P150ea
1x Hokori – P150ea
1x Elesh Norn – P600ea
1x Avacyn, Angel of Hope – P600ea
1x Swords to Plowshares elspeth v Tezz – P200ea



4x Krosan Grip – P30ea
1x Fauna Shaman – P300ea
1x Summoners Pact FS – P300ea
1x Oracle of Mul Daya – P200ea
3x Mayor of Avarbruck – P80ea
1x Etrenal Witness – P150ea
4x Rancor – P300set
1x Genesis Wave – P100ea
1x Asceticism – P150ea
1x Bear Umbra – P150ea
1x Geas Herald – P100ea
1x Regrowth heroes vs monsters – P200ea
1x Thragtusk – P250ea
1x Azusa, Lost but Seeking – P400ea
1x Woodfall Primus – P200ea
1x Oracle of Muldaya – P200ea
1x Life from the Loam – P150ea
1x Kitchen Finks – P150ea



1x Oversold Cemetery – P250ea
1x Kokusho – P400ea
4x Grave Crawler – P150ea
1x Bridge from Below MM – P200ea
1x revised Animate Dead – P100ea
1x CHINESE Grave Titan – P200ea
1x CHINESE Skithiryx, The Blight Dragon – P300ea
1x Black Sun Zenith – P150ea
1x Desolation Angel – P150ea
1x Contamination – P200ea
1x Living Death – P150ea
1x Divinity of Pride – P100ea
1x Extirpate – P150ea
1x Surgical Extraction – P150ea
1x Dismember – P50ea
1x Vampire Nocturnus – P250ea
1x Geralfs Messenger – P150ea
1x Liliana Vess – P250ea
1x Decree of Pain – P200ea



2x Watery Grave – P500ea
4x Godless Shrine – P500ea
4x Temple Garden – P450ea
4x Stomping Gounds – P450ea
4x Hallowed Fountain – P450ea
4x Breeding Pool – P400ea
4x Overgrown Tomb – P400ea
4x Blood Crypt – P400ea

4x Advent of the Wurm – P200ea
3x Primeval Bounty – P250ea
4x Loxodon Smither – P150ea
4x Xathrid Necromaner – P200ea
4x Dreadbore – P500set
4x Scavenging Ooze – P600 ea
1x PROMO FOIL Scavenging Ooze – P700 ea
4x Aurelia, war leader – P250ea
1x Gideon Champion of Justice – P250ea
4x Burning Earth – P150ea
1x foil borborygmos enraged – P200ea
4x Elvish Mystic – P80set
4x Kalonian Tusker – P80set
4x Rakdos Return – P250ea
4x Obzedat – P400ea
4x Underworld Connections – P100ea
4x Desecretion Demon – P350ea
4x Precinct Captain – P100ea
4x Supreme Verdict – P250ea
2x Mizzium Mortars – P200ea
2x Domri Rade – P900ea
1x Chandra Pyromaster – P900ea
4x Lifebane Zombie – P400ea
2x Kalonian Hydra – P600ea
4x Burning Tree – P100ea
4x Abrupt Decay – P300ea
4x Boros Reckoner – P600ea
4x Chandra’s Phoenix – P150ea
4x Ash Zealot – P150ea
3x Tidebinder Mage – P150ea
4x Detention Sphere – P150ea


4x Temple of Mystery – P125ea
4x Temple of Deceit – P150ea
4x Temple of Triumph – P150ea
4x Temple of Abandon – P150ea
4x Temple of Silence – P150ea

4x Thoughtseize – P700ea
4x Ashiok – P600ea
4x Fleecemane Lion – P200ea
4x Anger of the Gods – P200ea
4x Hammer of Purphoros – P100ea
4x Swan Song – P100ea
2x Erebos, god of the dead – P300ea
4x Sylvan Caryatid – P200ea
2x Nylea God of the Hunt – P300ea
4x Boon Satyr – P150ea
4x Mistcutter Hydra – P150ea
2x Heliod god of the sun – P250ea
4x Soldier of the Pantheon – P150ea
2x Hero’s Downfall – P350ea
4x Elspeth Sun’s Champion – P800ea
2x Polukranos – P300ea
4x Stormbreath Dragon – P800ea

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~Meet-ups: Weekdays Glorietta or Eton after office hoursWeekends during NG tournament, depending on schedule. 

~Mobile: 0916-980-4946 or 0999-868-9017

~No reply means I am not interested
~Cards are really cheap, Please do not haggle. Last price na
~I do not reserve cards to people I dont know. Reservation is same day pick up.

~ I can ship anywhere in the Phils. Additional P80 for shipping, Air21 or JRS Express.

~You know you can trust someone if he/she has 99.8% (or above) rating on eBay =)


24 Responses to “Buy and Sell list.. Updated 27-DEC..”

  1. charlie hernandez Says:

    may phyrexian revoker ako isa;buy ko garruk m10 1 SM north pede ka?

  2. Marvin Padre Says:

    Randy, Buying ako surgical extraction=2…pede sa glorietta mamaya? around 7pm…txt txt 09156775213

  3. Mirage Knight aka Mike Says:

    Sir, may SEN triplets ka pala! padagdag sa Akroma red ko bale P400 na? baka Sat afternoon or Sunday afternoon free ako sa Eton ulit?

  4. Mirage Knight aka Mike Says:

    Sir pasama din ng Deus of Calamity. So P500 na damage ko sir. 2pm ulit sa Eton?

  5. Mirage Knight aka Mike Says:

    Sir baka next week na ulit ko kunin Cube, medyo short ako this week. Kano ulit price mo sa Cube?

  6. reyesryanmjaube Says:

    sir meron kang myojin of life’s web? thanks paki txt ako 09228151183

  7. Mirage Knight aka Mike Says:

    Sir naubos na ba Mistbind Clique ninyo dati sa binder?

  8. BRAIDZ Says:

    paps padibs nung 2 abeyance.kya ba 350? ung dlawa ?haha eto dgits q 09433363184

  9. Mike Says:

    Boss tama ba yung naka lista P300 yung Sunken Ruins?

  10. Migs Herrera Says:

    sir available pa ba revelark? pag hindi pa reserve na po saken

    • magikero01 Says:

      kelan nyo kunin sir? yep! avail pa

      • Migs Herrera Says:

        sir pwede ba iiwan sa eton? kasi yung kaibigan ko na bumili sayo ng woodfall primus pina iwan kinuha po sa eton baka pwede po ganun nalang din? kasi 3pm pa uwi ko from work eh

      • magikero01 Says:

        text me sir, 0916-980-4946.. baka weds nasa eton ako

      • Migs Herrera Says:

        ok sir txt kita later low bat ako eh.. pareserve nalang po ha

  11. Migs Herrera Says:

    pwede ko na sya kunin tomorrow rin

  12. cj mags Says:

    may wilt leaf liege kayo 3x? how much po? 09207862496

  13. Glenn Marc Says:

    sir baka may kakilala kayo na nagbibitaw ng sliver legion buying po ako 09353493192

  14. Mike Says:

    Boss pa pm ulit cp number mo. Kunin ko Burgeoning. NM ba cya? Kelana ka sa Centris? Kaya sa weekend?

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