25-FEB: First take..

Today is day 1 of my attempt to swim in the waters of technical analysis in the stock market. Aaaaaand, it was a bit of a disappointment. I cut loss (!!!) on MER last week, because his charts are on the bearish side of the market. Today, MER gained 7.50% to close at P238. Is he headed back to P250? Or stay bearish?

Today I sold all my position on CYBR because his charts are headin no where in the near future. Good thing it was sort of a break even for me. My first stock to purchase with an idea on technical analysis is MA (MANILA MINING CORPORATION `A`). MA ended in red today (yikes). This means that I have my WHOLE lifetime to learn this science of technical analysis. They say that Rome was not built in a day. I do hope that all these bumps are bruises pays off.

Closed at .033, my average position here is .034

I really wish that all global crisis could end. We have a global crisis in the middle east where it could disrupt the supply side of Oil. Let’s hope for the best but, somehow, I don’t think this crisis will go away that easily. They are like ticking time bombs, which could blow anytime and could disrupt the financial markets from time to time. Of course, once this crisis ends, you can be sure that the stock market will come running back up.




2 Responses to “25-FEB: First take..”

  1. Joeven Peja Says:

    Could you teach me how to invest stocks? hehehe.

    • magikero01 Says:

      It comes with a fee, lolz.. Subscribe to my blog (haha!). Also, try reading other blogs, sites (investopedia.com), and books. Also attend seminars on the basic fundamentals in investing. Goodluck..

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