19-JAN-2011 — Further stock market correction

just when everybody thought that high-flying stocks will just continue to go higher and higher, the market gives a reality check and causes a bearish reversal/correction. If you are weak, then the stock market is not for you.

My beloved PCOR ended today @ P14.80. if I am not mistaken this is the lowest it has been for PCOR in a month. I…. had to do it, I had to cut loss. Sold some @ P14.90. I wanted to get in on some CYBR, but no opening. good thing BEL didn’t follow the market trend today.

Bad morning, eBay account got suspended and they continue to ignore all my chat/emails. Bad customer service at it’s finest..

had to eat ministop chicken and ice cream to feel better…..


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4 Responses to “19-JAN-2011 — Further stock market correction”

  1. Morris Says:

    baka magreverse na bukas yung pcor. depende sa umaga, kung nag-up, pasok na ulit hehe.

  2. L9 Says:

    funny blog and entertaining kahit negative tayo!!harhar

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