today i realized something.. 06-jan-2011

i have no plans….. at the beginning of the year, i said to myself that i wanna try swing trading. i wanna feel the rush every morning. well, 4 days into that plan and i failed in all of my trade. i had to cut loss and/or break even. i am not good at this, i do not like loosing money(nobody does). they say that in order to learn the tricks and trade of the stock market, you need to lose. this is your tuition fee to learn. i guess i am just not good at losing.

then i realized…. i am not well equip to battle titans in this field. i just rely on tips from “the masters”. and those tips i got were WRONG.

Trading is NOT gambling. There should be a technical reason for a trader to get into a position regardless of fundamentals. Technicals should be the ultimate buy/sell triggers as the pros are mostly, if not all, technical traders. If you feel a rush when you trade, you are not trading with a plan. Proper trading is not an emotional event. As long as you follow your plan with the buy/sell triggers and risk/reward ratios and stop loss points, you will do fine even when you take the pre-determined loss (small). Losing is a major part of tradng. Sounds funny, I know! ha-ha But that is the truth. Until you change your goal from making money to following a trading plan, you will forever be trading from the hip ala wild, wild west! ha-ha

i will study.. this is my plan.. for the meantime..


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