first trading day for 2011

03-jan-2011, the first trading day for 2011. my first day trying out swing trading (see below). Went fairly smooth, the philosophy here is “kahit konti, basta palagi”. Sold SMC that I bought last week @P173, after I think 5-6 minutes.. SMC surges to P180 then closed at P185. idol ko na si Ramon Ang (RSA). What Ramon Ang wants, Ramon Ang gets! I wonder what he wants from CYBR. Mabuhay si RSA!!! in the past, i have been lucky with RSA stocks, today i bought CYBR. i hope my luck continues.

ADVISORY: we have a storm brewing. the storms name is AP (ABOITIZ POWER CORPORATION). closed today at P31.45. keep an eye on this one.. i repeat, keep an eye.

as i was typing this, “ABSCBNNewsBiz” tweeted Petron buys 35% of port developer oh boy, i hope this is good news as i bought additional PCOR today.

** swing trading – buy low, sell even with just a little profit. wash, rinse, repeat….


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