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They are remaking Thundercats!!

January 27, 2011

WaW! This is one of my favorite cartoons back in the days. I even had a Lion-O action figure who’s eye’s lights up. Deym! Those were the days. I’d spend hours just playing. I hope this remake will also be as awesome as the original.

The new “ThunderCats” is expected to debut later this year.

Links of this news are here and here:


26-JAN: Crisis breeds Opportunity

January 26, 2011

Yesterday (25-JAN), a bus was bombed in EDSA. Five passengers were killed and 13 others were injured when the bus exploded on the northbound lane of Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA), corner Buendia avenue, on Tuesday afternoon. I was kinda excited (bad..) on how this will affect the local stock market. Because in my 2 months in trading in the market, I haven’t experienced a national disaster yet(?). Good thing the bus explosion didn’t matter much as Ive noticed. PSEi closes @ 3931 dn 28pts.

News about Meralco, i do not know how this will affect the price of MER. Lopezes may sell remaining stake in Meralco LINK

I have a microscopic share in MER. Kinda funny how it is behaving, being tag as a blue chip stock. Adrenaline Rush! haha!

25-JAN: Bulls on Parade

January 25, 2011

Local shares end 5-day decline on bargain hunting. PSEi snaps out of its 5-session, 5.9% losing streak; closes @ 3960 up 57pts.

It’s nice to see 3 of my current stocks (PCOR, BEL, CYBR) are all in the top 10 gainers for today. Hoping that this trend will continue.  Kinda funny how MER behaved today, bear, bull, bear, bull, bear, bear, bull.  Are we headin up again the 4200 resistance?

PCOR – P14.78 up 16.38%
CYBR – P1.18 up 12.38%
BEL – P6.18 up 10.36%

Let the Bulls parade…

24-jan: Parang ispagetti..

January 24, 2011

Foreign funds (foreign-germ as per sir Nel, haha!) continue to be aggressive sellers in our market. Today’s weakness was broad-based. All 6 subindices (financials, industrial, holdings, property, services and mining & oil) ended lower. Index stocks that have posted double digit ytd decline: ac dn 11.7%, ali dn 13.7%, jfc dn 12.4%, mbt dn 16.1%, sm dn 16.2%.

I have a song for our beloved PSEi na pababa na pababa:

Kobe Bryant is, “The Black Mamba” !!!

January 24, 2011

After Los Angeles Lakers’ guard Kobe Bryant to be first athlete to have hand, foot imprinted at Grauman’s Chinese Theater. We now have a newly uploaded video of Kobe Bryant, “The Black Mamba”. Directed by Robert Rodriguez. Official Trailer 1 enjoy..


Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion

January 21, 2011

Before I sleep =D

A couple of friend of mine today asked about on how the stock market works. I keep on getting this question a lot since I always post (FB and Twitter)the behavior of the market from my perspective (an amateur at that). And, I answer them as best as I can. Then they say that it is scary, because it is like gambling and sh*t.  We often fear what we do not know.  Whenever I am scared of doing things that are new to me. I always remember this speech BY THE GREATEST PLAYER TO EVAH PLAY THE GAME OF BASKETBALL, Michael Jordan.

And I quote “Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion”. Here is that part in his speech.  Absorb….

21-JAN: I could really use a wish right now

January 21, 2011

I have to say, this market has suddenly become very, very, very tricky and very, very, very tough to decipher since the last four days. I dont know what else to say =D

As long as we have the will to fight, we are never without weapon. I could really use a wish right now. =D

Let’s just hope for the best.  Happy weekend

Blake Griffin fo real??

January 20, 2011

Blake is a beast hands down. Every time he dunks the ball, it is if he’s always angry at the rim. This post is dedicated to Blake. Ironically, today he “only” had 29 points and eight rebounds, ending his streak of double-doubles at 27 games, and the Los Angeles Clippers defeated the Minnesota Timberwolves 126-111 Wednesday night to win their third in a row.

20-Jan: weakness in Asian bourses continues…

January 20, 2011

Stock markets across Asia are down after corp. earning in the U.S. disappointed and as speculation of a rate hike in China increases. Locally, investors are also fretting over: higher inflation and the BIR’s plans to raise taxes on stock market transactions (oh sh*t!). By the end of the session, the key Philippine Stock Exchange index was lower by 0.8% or 33.2 points to 4,006.24.
I made a gamble today by picking up some MER @ P267. Professional technical analyst loves it when the market is down. They just have to buy the right stock that will surge back on top. I am no expert, but picking MER @ P267 seems pretty good. This is Meralco, a blue chip. Sa Meralco, “may liwanag ang buhay” Sana lumiwanag buhay ko, bwahaha!

19-JAN-2011 — Further stock market correction

January 19, 2011

just when everybody thought that high-flying stocks will just continue to go higher and higher, the market gives a reality check and causes a bearish reversal/correction. If you are weak, then the stock market is not for you.

My beloved PCOR ended today @ P14.80. if I am not mistaken this is the lowest it has been for PCOR in a month. I…. had to do it, I had to cut loss. Sold some @ P14.90. I wanted to get in on some CYBR, but no opening. good thing BEL didn’t follow the market trend today.

Bad morning, eBay account got suspended and they continue to ignore all my chat/emails. Bad customer service at it’s finest..

had to eat ministop chicken and ice cream to feel better…..