just one more trading day before the year ends.. today, i changed 2/3 of my stock portfolio. out goes SMPH, in goes SMC. out goes ATS, in goes LND.  i almost(almost) placed all my money in PCOR, but i really dont want to put all my eggs in just one basket.

i got LND at 1.36 and SMC at 165.38. i guess it is ok to gamble since i won when i purchased SMB back in nov and now up 50% with PCOR (pasko, christmas ol right!). let us see what the future holds for my new 2 stocks.

i will be now posting daily updates on how the philippine market perform on a daily basis (if I can). aaaaaand give hints on what stock “may’ do good based from a fundamental analyst standpoint (naks! feeling).  while waiting for 2011, this is my song…………..


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