Grand Prix Manila 2010

Less than a month from today, Manila Philippines will host it’s leg of the 2010 Magic grand prix circuit. Complete details can be seen here.

For foreign players travelling to Manila for the first time. I do hope this entry will help you move around the metro. If I was a foreigner, travelling to Manila for this grand prix where would I stay? I would suggest this newly furnished hotel located approximately 30-60 minutes away from the tourney site. You can check you the details right here. All the details are there, and if you haven’t booked your hotels for this trip, I would suggest that place. It is clean and prices are reasonable. It is located near a business district and a mall (Robinsons Pioneer). Just be reminded that at the date of the event, to leave your hotel early as Manila traffic is VERY, very unpredictable.

Details about the tourney site, SMX Convention Center can be seen here. The site is strategically located at the heart of the Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City, Philippines. Dub as the World’s forth largest mall. Yup, and the Philippines also has the SECOND largest mall in the world based from here. Not bad for a third world country huh!?

The SMX Convention Center is five kilometers away from the domestic and international airports. The Manila Bay seaport, world-famous for its picturesque sunset, is a mere fifteen-minute drive from the facility.

If you have free time, you can do what Hall of Famer Raphael Levy did back on 2008. He explored other parts of the country. Specifically the white sand beaches in Bohol. There you have it, I do hope this post was of a help. I will be at the event with LOTS of cards for sale, so if your reading this and your interested lemme know. I have twitter, message me there and you can visit my eBay store for cards you need.



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3 Responses to “Grand Prix Manila 2010”

  1. Joshua Says:

    Hi, I’m Joshua here from Singapore. I see that you’re quite a big trader in Manila. I’ll be attending GP Manila next week, touching down next fri. Just wondering if you have a buylist that I can work with. USD, or Pesos is fine with me!

    email me at my email indicated above. hope to hear from ya!

    • magikero01 Says:

      Hi Joshua, thank for visiting. I am not buying cards, I am selling mine. Also, I not a big trader. Hehe! I just do buy/sell of magic for fun.

  2. mtgirl Says:

    Visiting magic sites one by one. LOL.

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