So.. Where will LBJ be next season??

We just witnessed the Boston Celtics eliminate the Cleveland Cavaliers in the second round of this years playoffs. You just have to feel the pain for Lebron James. Year after year of heart breaking playoff loss. Makes me wonder, LBJ is probably the most gifted athlete we have ever seen but his heart and will is always in question. He has the power of Karl Malone and the speed of Michael Jordan but yet, year seven into his career he has zero to none championship ring. He has indeed won back to back MVP awards but the MVP is nothing without the ring. The basketball world will never stop comparing LBJ to Kobe, and this season’s playoffs is never an exception. Banged up Kobe has a broken finger, sprained ankle, back spasms but has 4 straight 30 pt + games…. While Lebron has a little elbow bump and plays like sh*t and crys.

This summer will be the most exciting free agent market in league history. Some of the BIGGEST names and I mean BIG will be swapping teams. Top names are: Lebron, Wade, Bosh and Amare. I will make a fearless forecast on where LBJ will land this summer. Experts from ESPN thinks it’ll be either New York, Chicago or New Jersey.



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