Pacquiao vs. Mayweather, the best of the best

Let’s talk about Pacquiao real quick. I have posted here in my blog NOT to vote for Pac. And I still encourage people not to. Our generation is so blessed to witness his tramendous ring prowess. It is really a one in every generation. So maybe we will see  the next Manny Pacquiao 50 years from now. So seeing him in congress would be a waste. We want to see him in the ring. In the ring beating the living hell out of another individual. Now, I have stumbled upon this site (it’s actually a BIG site, hehe) saying that THIS fight MUST happen. And it must happen real soon.

I am predictingm this fight will happen in the last quarter of this year. Lets see then. For the complete article, please visit the site and share your thoughts.

A look at Pacquiao’s polotical posters in Saranggani is in here:

Pound for pound ratings as of 04-MAY-2010 here

Welterweight division ratings as of 04-MAY-2010 here



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