Yellow brick road..

I live in district 4 of Quezon City. Towards the end of last year, if I am not mistaken, around December 2009, Maynilad(?) started “fixing” or improving (emphasis on fixing) our roads. Unfortunately, a little over a week before the election, they are still “fixing” our roads. For a couple of days now, we are experiencing some drizzly weather and I am afraid that come the rainy season, these “fixing” and improving will be far from over. To think that our whole community will have to endure all the muddy inconvenience these dumb nuts in the QC government did just to corrupt and pay for their 2010 election bid. Corrupt some more – they will in the future. Geeez!

Please do see images that I have attached on this post. Can you imagine all the mud and dust we are bathing ourselves with on a daily basis? I do hope that this blog post reaches QC government officials so that they can get their act together and expedite in actually “fixing” our roads. Be a friend, spread the word.



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